scramble with friends how to get tokens coins unlimited

scramble with friends how to get tokens or coins unlimited , There are many ways to get token in this game, there are many tricks, you may try every tricks which one is  better?

scramble with friends how to get tokens

Tricks 1. just Close scramble with frends app, ensure it's closed from multitasking as well. After that navigate to settings- date and time. Turn off auto set time and move the date ahead to the next day. This trick will give you 14 tokens scramble with friends. But becareful to not forget to reset your settings to auto set when you have done.

scramble with friends how to get tokens

Trick 2. You're deduce to get a token after every 20 minutes, and there's a time limit. And make sure that you do not let the timer go out. If you now have 0, you can't play and the game won't give you any more tokens or coins

Trick 3 : we have the old words with friends that doesn't have coins we think the new one does so we don't know if that responds but we know scramble does. The downfall- it gives you more coins but then if you use up 2 days worth, then change your time back it will take 2 days to get a single coin even though the countdown is still normal. You essentially went negative or coins on loan. The other downfall is if you are 5 days ahead and start a game, it says the game has already been going for 5 days.

This isn't a problem until you hit the 10 day mark or whatever the auto resign time is.

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The other way which we suggest doing first...

If you don't you should have ifile, navigate to var/ mobile/applications/scramble then enter the folder that says it might say free depending on ur version. Scroll down and find the .plist file game constants.plist and open it with the plist viewer. Now here is what we did. Edited it and deleted the regendelay, maxenergy to 100 and minimum to 90 and deleted the cost per rounds and cost per extra boosts. we logged back in and now we have 90 coins that are not depleting whatsoever. I'm an amateur and not a coder or hacker by any means so if we can do it anybody can. That all being said, it is a game so DO NOT edit something you are not sure of. If all you do is edit the plist file the worst that can happen we THINK is screwing the game up, in which case you should be able to reinstall. Little side note,

scramble with friends unlimited coins

we opened that same plist with the text viewer and you can edit everything from how much letters are worth to how many 2x/3x word/letter tiles there are in each round. we edited it with four triple words in the first round. Here is the crazy part, not only did that happen on my device but it happened on my opponents too. Have since changed that back because it messed up the end of the game where he won but it wanted to do another round. we have played a few games since the deletion and change of the energies and costs and everything is working very well. read also other

that's for scramble with friends how to get tokens or coins money unlimited